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Shopping in Bali is one of the most interesting things to do on the island because of the variety it offers to the tourists. You name it and Bali has it. While most of the Australian designer stores are concentrated in Kuta and Seminyak, local stores and flea markets are spread across the island. You can also buy local snacks, condiments, personal items, beauty products and essentials from convenience stores like Alfa Mart, Mini Mart, Circle K, etc.

Though Bali is flooded with everything from souvenirs to home furnishings, I will be listing some of my favourites (tried and tested) with their approximate cost in this blog. At the end, I’ll also mention a few tips for shopping in Bali.

MAKARIZO FIBERTHERAPHY (Hair and Scalp Creambath)

Everybody loves beachy waves and especially in Bali where sun and salt are in oodles. After being exposed to such harsh elements, the hair needs some serious TLC. This is where MKARIZO hair and scalp creambath comes into the picture.

This hair and scalp creambath is available at almost all the convenience stores throughout Bali. It is available in four variants, namely, Kiwi Extract, Aloe and Melon Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, and Olive Extract. All of them work really well on the hair. It nourishes the hair from root to tip and leaves the mane incredibly soft and silky.  

I remember using MAKARIZO Fibertheraphy Hair and Scalp Creambath in Seminyak (it was few of our last days in Bali). My hair got really dry because of the daily coral reef expedition. Single usage of this creambath transformed my hair completely. It is really that good.

The 30g sachet costs around Rp. 10000 or ₹ 50. That is less than a dollar for such a great product.

Shopping in Bali is worth every penny. 😀


MAKARIZO Hair Fragrance is a boon to Bali, not even kidding. The awesomeness is available in four variants, namely, Ocean Breeze, Morning Dew, Cherry Blossom and Fresh Bouquet. I got a bottle Ocean Breeze and it smells incredible! Think; Mandarin, Jasmine and Musk. All the good things blended together.

The hair fragrance also protects the hair from UV Rays and has something called ScenTech-F. I don’t know what that means but it surely sounds good! Just one the perks of shopping in Bali. LOL

You can also apply MAKARIZO Hair Fragrance on your skin or clothes and smell fresh all day long.

The 100 ml. bottle is available for Rp.28,000 or ₹ 140. That’s about $2.

ELLIPS or MIRANDA Hair Vitamin

I know that I’m going gaga over hair products but trust me, you need this in your life. You can easily find these little capsules of hair elixir at any convenience store in Bali. There are a lot of variants available but most of them are enriched with Jojoba Oil or Moroccan Oil, two ingredients which are really good for hair.

Ellips and Miranda are two different brands of Hair Vitamin. I like Miranda Hair Vitamin more than Ellips but they both work really nicely on hair.

The texture of the hair vitamin is kinda thick and you have it use like a hair serum. At first I thought that it would make my hair sticky but surprisingly my hair felt really soft, smooth and fresh, even after a few days.

Yaaiyee to Hair Vitamin and shopping in Bali! 😛

A pack six capsules cost around IDR 8,000 or ₹ 40 (or a bit more depending on the variant). That’s again less than a dollar for such a nice product. It is a gem! 

Sheet Masks

We all know the amazing benefits of using sheet masks regularly. What’s better than using a different one every day. Yep! Convenience stores and drug stores in Bali have an array of sheet masks. Horse Oil, Collagen, Aloe Vera, Coffee, Gold, Diamond; you name it and they have it.

The sheet masks are drenched with serum and are very nourishing. One sheet mask would cost you about IDR 20,000 or INR 100. If you are lucky, you can also get them at Buy 1 Get 1 offer. Such offers are usually available at Watson’s. I shopped from Watson’s in Seminyak Square.

They are surely better than what we get here in India for a hundred bucks. I have a supply of sheet masks for a year. 😛

Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry Body Wash and Body Scrub

As yummy as it sounds, Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry range smells and feels equally divine. I bought the scrub and body wash from a Mini Mart in Petitenget. I wanted to buy a few more bottles but couldn’t find it anywhere else. I think that the brand is not widely available. However, if you see it then do buy it. You won’t regret. I mean, who wouldn’t like to smell like fresh raspberries every day. Even the scrub has a rich texture and is full of almonds. Such luxury! Original Source’s products are also vegan.

I bought the body wash and body scrub for about IDR 50,000 or INR 250 each approximately. You can buy it from Amazon India but it’s really expensive. However, you should look out for offers as the price gets considerably low.   

ABC Original Chili Sauce

ABC Chili Sauce is a hot bomb in a tiny bottle. Mei Goreng and Nasi Goreng are incomplete without it. It’s an instant gratification to the Indian inside. Bring a few bottles with yourself from Bali as it also goes nicely with desi delicacies like pakoras, aloo sandwiches and pav bhaji. Thank me later.

You can buy souvenir size bottles (135 ml) from any convenience store in Bali. ABC Chilli Sauce is really inexpensive. Don’t shop it from a souvenir store or from the airport as it would cost a lot more.

East Bali Cashews – Granola Bites

These Granola Bites are a healthy escape from all the gorengs in Bali. It comes in three mouth-watering flavours, namely, Chocolate Vanilla, Honey Papaya and Honey Banana. My personal favourite is Chocolate Vanilla.

A pack of East Bali Cashews Granola Bites is full of cashews, coconut shavings, dried fruit and yes, rolled oats. Stock ‘em up if you’ll be going to the Nusa Islands, you’ll thank me later. 😀

Pocky (Biscuits sticks dressed in different flavours)

Pocky is a little bundle of joy! We tried these nibbles for the first time in Thailand. We’re so excited to see it again in Bali. Pocky comes in a variety of flavours like Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies Cream and many more. And all of them are really yummy.

You should get some home if there are kids in your family. They’re going to love it. 😊  

Straw Bags

Wherever you are in Bali, you’ll find these straw bags hung at almost every shop around the corner. The bags come in a lot of beautiful shapes, sizes and colours. The most popular is the circular one in beige colour. You’ll find a lot of woman in Bali with these bags hanging across their bodies.

It’s a good idea to buy a straw bag from Bali because they sell it really cheap. You should make sure to bargain hard. And don’t worry, you’re not ripping them off. They know that bargaining is a part of the trade. Also, the bags are of really good quality. They are pretty strong and sturdy.

You can get a medium size straw bag in IDR 100,000 or INR 500. In India, it often costs double than that.

Yes, I know, shopping in Bali is amazing!

Easy Breezy Clothes

Tropics call for easy breezy, bright- coloured clothes and you can never run out of them in Bali. The streets are flooded with small shops and designer boutiques on the either side. There are a lot of options to choose from. There are dresses, wrap-arounds, baggy jumpsuits, cotton pants and what not and all of this is available at really cheap prices especially in the flea markets. Designer boutiques like Buddha Wear in Ubud, Biasa in Seminyak, etc. also have great collection but it can be quite a bummer if you are looking for inexpensive options.

I bought two jumpsuits, one from the flea market near Tegenungan Waterfall in Ubud and other from a shop right outside Seminyak Square. They are practically the same except the colour. The one I bought from Ubud cost me IDR 80,000 or INR 400 and the other one that I bought from Seminyak cost me IDR 100,000 or INR 500. I probably didn’t bargain super hard otherwise I could have got it for cheaper. Savi from Bruised Passports, in one of her videos, said that you can get the jumpsuits for as low as IDR 50,000 or INR 250. You see shopping in Bali is not a child’s play. 😛 

Tips for shopping in Bali

  • Keep your smile on while bargaining and also remember that the cost of living in Bali and India are kinda the same. So, while bargaining, think how much would you pay for a thing in India and then quote your price. For easy calculation from IDR to INR, you can easily multiply the amount from 5 and then strike off the last three zeros from the product. For example, a bag costs 100,000. Multiply it from 5. The product would be 500,000. Now, strike of last three zeros and the result would be 500. That’s approximately how much it would cost in Indian Rupees.
  • Don’t buy Kopi Luwak: I would personally suggest you to not buy the infamous Kopi Luwak (coffee made from Asian Palm Civet Cat poo). First of all, it is a mere a marketing gimmick for fetching money from tourists. Sometimes, the coffee is fake too. Second, it hardly qualifies as good coffee. It’s stale and does not taste or smell like good coffee. Thirdly, the poor animal is force fed coffee beans to meet the rising demand and it often it leads to its death.
  • Whenever you’re going to shop at a flea market, carry a lot cash with you. A lot of shops don’t accept debit or credit cards.
  • Don’t take your car to the markets as the streets are narrow and prone to traffic jams. Avoid it by riding a scooter.
  • A lot of home décor shops can ship the products to your country but make sure that the shipping company is reliable and won’t cause lengthy delays. Also make sure to check your country’s import and export regulations.
  • Plastic pollution is a big problem in Bali, so, make sure carry fibre bags in which you can keep your newly bought stuff.

Hope this blog will help you in spending you money wisely while shopping in Bali. If you have something nice to say to me or any query, feel free to drop a comment below. It would make me really happy.

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