The Temple of Lempuyang Luhur

The Temple of Lempuyang Luhur is one of the most highly regarded temples of Bali. Known for it’s iconic Gateway to Heaven, it is the dream destination for every travel blogger.

The temple is approximately two hours away from Ubud. On our way to the temple, we came across lush green landscapes, beautiful sceneries and yes, a black sand beach.

When we arrived at the temple, we were asked to rent sarongs along with the entry fee. It is important for the visitors to wear a sarong at all times. There are total seven temples, dedicated to different Gods. According to the guide there, it takes four hours to visit all the temples. The most popular one is the first temple.

When we entered the temple, the priest sprinkled some holy water on our heads. As we went further, on one side, there are three beautiful entrances to the main temple and on the other hand, there is the Gateway to the Heaven. Not to mention, there was a queue to get a picture of yourself between the door. We waited for about an hour to get our picture.

Also, the weather during that time wasn’t very favourable. It was raining and there was a cloud cover over the whole area. When the weather’s nice and sunny, one can see the magnificent Mount Agung from the temple.  We have seen a few pictures and it looks magnificent.

If you want to enjoy a clear view of the volcano from the temple, it is advisable to reach here early in the morning. This way you’ll also be able to avoid the crowd and long queues.

There’s no entry fee but the temple asks for donations. You can rent the sarong for 10,000 IDR.

Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga is a water palace near Karangasem. The name literally means water from the Ganges. Thanks to the Hindu influence on the island of Bali.

Most of the temples and palaces in Bali are usually crowded, especially during the high season. Tirta Gangga is a nice relief from all the hustle bustle.

The water palace is adorned with a maze of pools, magnificent fountains, stone carvings and manicured gardens. The palace is almost like a fairy tale. You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

There’s a beautiful pond in the premises of the palace. It has got a huge school of koi fish which you can also feed. It’s such a nice experience even for the kids. 

There’s also a pool in which you can swim. 😊

The entrance fee is only 10,000 IDR and an extra 10,000 IDR if you want to swim in the pool.

You can visit the water palace on your way back from the Temple of Lempuyang Luhur. It is about half an hour away from the there. If you are coming from Ubud, it would take you approximately an hour and a half.

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