How to Reach Rainbow Falls in Cherrapunji?

After making it to the Double Decker Living Root Bridge, we continued the trek to the Rainbow Falls from the other end of the bridge. Soon after we realised that the trail has got strenuous as we left behind the cemented staircase. Now, we were climbing the stairs that were stony and raw. It was symbolic to our state of minds. As we walked deeper into the woods, we felt the isolation from the man-made world.

As an excuse to catch our breath, we lapsed here and there for getting submersed into the depths of the forest. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw a kaleidoscope of colourful butterflies. Almost like a dream, it followed us, till the time we woke up heading to the sound of water that teased us throughout the trek.

After walking a bit, on our left, we saw a blue lagoon glimmering in the sunshine and peeking through the trees. The sweaty alter of ours wanted to take a dip into the clear blue water but we dragged it to walk with us to the rainbow falls. Later, we got to know that, that lagoon was actually known as Blue Water Lagoon.  

We kept walking, soaking all the beauty, the thick rainforests of Meghalaya had to offer. It happened a couple of times that we thought that we have taken a wrong trail as the path seemed to end but as we walked further, the bruised blades of the wild grass showed us the way.  

It was getting hot as the sun and his girlfriend humidity made out to make us sweat. Unfortunately, we didn’t even carry enough water. Note that on the way to the Rainbow Falls there isn’t any shop that sells water and other supplies, so, if you visit the rainbow falls, make sure to carry enough water.

The thundering of water got louder but we ignored it as just another mirage. This time, we were wrong.

Ten steps further (around 2:30 p.m.), we saw this thin strip of water crashing into the blue lagoon. And just as a siren’s song, it pulled us towards the most utopic vista our eyes ever saw.

Every woe of ours was washed away. We were refreshed like never before. All we had to do was to descend from the boulders that kept us away from the pool of eternity.

After a few cuts and bruises, we could touch the virgin water that the rainbow above purified. The waterfall was blessed to have been surrounded by rainbows from every angle. 

All that was left to do now was to take a dip into the crystal clear water. Gaurav took off his clothes and jumped into the water, unfortunately, his boxers couldn’t provide him with enough warmth from the brain-freezing water. He thanked his reflexes after coming out from the lagoon within two minutes.

I was tempted to take a dip into the azure water. Hence, I followed his steps and took a dive.

The experience was absolutely nerve-wracking. The water really cold. As cold as ice. I was in a state of trance when I came out of the water. I didn’t dare it again.

Soon after we were accompanied by a group of dreadlock hippies, who climbed the biggest boulder in the middle of the lagoon effortlessly.

It was our turn to climb the rock in the aspiration of witnessing the grandeur of the rainbow falls. Gaurav, without any doubt, climbed the rock first with the help of a fragile wooden ladder. I was really very scared of following him this time but I did. Gaurav always manages to make me do the craziest things. And I am so thankful to him that I don’t miss the most mesmerising parts of our adventures.

Once I reached the top, the scenery from up there was absolutely breath-taking. The fall was roaring right in front of us, while a huge rainbow managed to glow in the middle. We could see the blue lagoon surrounding us from all the sides. We were in a wonderland! I dreamt with my open eyes. It was truly out-of-the-world.

I growled at the falls, all in vain. The powerful flow of the water carried my voice and crashed in the lagoon below. That was mother nature all in her glory. Being beautifully fragile and yet so powerful at the same time.

Now was the time to descend from the wooden ladder. It was the scariest. While inaudibly muttering, “Hey Bhagwan, Hey Bhagwan”, I managed to climb down without breaking my limbs.

After two hours of relaxing in this paradise, it was time to head back. We climbed the boulders and took the trail towards Nongriat.

We saw the sun and the adventurer inside us setting down after a strenuous day.

We crossed the villages, the double decker bridge, a cemetery, a shop from where we finally bought water and those three thousand stairs.

We were back home in Tyrna around 7 p.m. It was all dark and beautiful with fireflies floating by and stars shining above.

Lum Lang, being the sweetest person that he is, brought us a bucket of warm water. We washed all the stress away and felt rejuvenated like never before. That night, we shared our Rainbow Falls experience with Lum Lang and deep inside I felt he could exactly understand the level of ecstasy we felt.

The next morning, while the birds followed their daily ritual, we packed our bags and walked towards the sumo stand. With our heavy hearts, we waved goodbye to Lum Lang and Tyrna.

Things to remember while going on a trek of Rainbow Falls in Cherrapunji:

  • Carry enough drinking water and some energy bars. There isn’t any shop on the trek towards the Rainbow Falls.
  • The best time to go to the Rainbow Falls is from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. This is when the sun directly faces the waterfall and exhibits the beautiful rainbows.
  • Winter season is the best season to visit the Rainbow Falls. That’s when the water is blue and force isn’t bone-cracking. During the monsoon, the water turns muddy and the trail gets slippery and dangerous.
  • We trekked to the falls in the month of February, when the place receives the least amount of rainfall. During the monsoon, it is not advisable to go on this trek.
  • If you want to swim in the lagoon, please be cautious, we have heard the stories of the best swimmers who couldn’t sustain the power of the water.
  • Be cautious while ascending and descending from the boulders around the waterfall. We were fortunate that the flow of the water wasn’t crazy. During monsoon, the rocks get very slippery and it gets tough to maintain the grip.
  • The trail is midst a rainforest, so, be cautious and don’t adventure there during odd hours.
  • Don’t litter and spoil the ecology of this paradise.

This is the end of our Cherrapunji series. If you have any question or advice, feel free to get in touch. We’ll be so happy to assist you.

If you ever get a chance to visit Cherrapunji, make sure to share your pictures with us. And wherever you travel, please be responsible. 😊


Devanshi and Gaurav

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