6 Best Places in Jaipur for Couples

Jaipur is a treasure of Rajasthani culture, a city of royals and ruins. Gaurav and I have fond but faint childhood memories of this place. I recall taking a round of all the hot spots in Jaipur with my parents in a day tour bus. Amer Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Birla Mandir, we saw it all! And every time at the entrance, I stood awestruck with an open mouth witnessing the grandeur.

It’s not just me, these glorious forts, temples and palaces have been attracting an infinite pool of enthusiastic tourists every day, year after year. But this time, Gaurav and I wanted to explore Jaipur a bit deeper and visit best places in Jaipur for couples. And gee, we were enticed travelling back and forth in time, witnessing myths and legends of this ‘pink city’.

So, here we’ve curated a list of best and unusual places and restaurants for couples in Jaipur that are worth time and money. 

Best Places in Jaipur for Couples

In this listicle, the places we visited are segregated under defined sub-heads for you to navigate the blog with ease. Each and every place has been carefully picked up to suit every couple’s need. We hope you would enjoy reading this. 

Places of Interest in Jaipur for Couples

We discussed about best places in Jaipur for couples and came up with our top 3 favorites. A visit to these sights will surely give you memories that’ll last a lifetime.  

1) Galtaji Temple/ Monkey Temple, Jaipur

Galtaji is an ancient Hindu temple nestled in between the ring of Aravalli Hills. It’s around 10 km away from Jaipur but the journey is breathtaking. On your way, you’ll see crumbling pieces of ancient buildings, thick forests and yes, cows.

 When you enter the holy premises, you’ll see giant peepal tress and magnificent temples on both the sides. There is also a tribe of notorious monkeys whose acrobatics will keep you engaged. If lucky, you can also spot them swimming and playing in the ‘kunds’ (water tanks). They are super friendly if you get them bananas! (Be cautious)

Though the architecture of the place is unreal and surreal, the area around kunds is a bit stinky. But if you are a couple like us, you’ll enjoy the place and return with amazing photographs and good memories! 

2) Gatore ki Chhatriyan/ Maharaniyon ki Chhatriyan

Situated in the middle of Aravalli Hills, Gatore ki Chhatriyan is a hidden gem. It is a bittersweet feeling knowing that not many people know about this place. 

As the legend suggests, Gaitore or ‘gaye ka thor’ is a resting place of the departed royal souls. The cenotaphs of each maharajas cremated there is beautifully decorated with Rajasthani carvings.
The architecture of this place is perfectly symmetrical, which is why it attracts a lot of photography enthusiasts. You will also see a tribe of langoors from the forests nearby playing inside the premises. As a couple you’ll find solitude here to talk about future or just soak in the present. 

The memory I’ll cherish my whole life: There’s a guy who visits this place daily in evening to surprise unprivileged kids with food and music. I danced with the kids on ‘Ghoomar’ near the front gate and got uncountable hugs when I left. It was my birthday and this, the best present ever!

3) A Movie in Raj Mandir

Jaipur gaye aur Raj Mandir mein movie nahi dekhi, toh kya khaak Jaipur gaye?

Raj Mandir is unlike any other movie theatre and very unique to Jaipur. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, and it has got amazing meringue interiors. Photography is also allowed inside the premises. So, make sure to click a dozen of pictures. 

The ambiance and architecture were more of a highlight than the actual movie viewing experience. However, we liked how royal the whole place felt. We saw ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ here. The sounds were distorted and the print wasn’t very clear. But I am sure that the management is continuously working on enhancing the movie viewing experience. 

It is surely worth a visit if you’re in Jaipur as it is nothing like you’ve ever seen before . You’ll have an amazing time with your loved one here. It is one of the best places in Jaipur for couples. 

3 Best Restaurants in Jaipur for Couples

We both are a big time foodies. The place gets better if food is good. So, we’re with 3 best restaurants in Jaipur for couples.

1) Tapri – The Tea House

Tapri is one our favorite breakfast places in Jaipur. It is famous for its teas and must say doing a pretty good job. Choice of breakfast dishes in the menu is also pretty wide and drool-worthy. Starting from Maggi, Vada Pao, Vermicelli to Tea Cakes, everything is very tasty.

The ambiance of the place is Indianized and pretty quirky. They’ve got tables inside as well as outside in the balcony from where you can see the Indian flag swaying in its whole glory. Inside they offer things on sale like cool mugs, tea sieves, tea packs, chai glasses and much more. 

We recommend this place to a couple who likes to talk over a cup of chai. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

2) Anokhi Café

Anokhi Café is a one stop shop for fresh bakes and delicious organic continental food. The food menu is displayed in a showcase, which we think is a good idea. It helps the guests to know what their food will look like and set similar expectations. You can also buy fresh baked cookies, breads and cakes for take away.

We went to Anokhi for a lunch before we hit the road back to Delhi. We ordered stir fried vegetable with noodles, creamy arrabiata pasta, a glass of orange juice, coffee and a slice of cheese cake. Everything was mouthwatering and worth the money.

Though the café is small, the ambiance takes the brownie points. People also share their tables during peak hours, which is amazing. After all, it’s a chance to make new friends!

Anokhi also has a store right next to the café, which is also decently priced.

Anokhi Café is one of the best places in Jaipur for couples. Take your loved one out on a lunch here for amazing food and shopping at Anokhi.

3) RJ 14

RJ 14 is a dream come true for all the Indian/ Rajasthani food lovers. Eating is here is like a having a gastronomical roller-coaster ride.

Seeing the ambiance of the place, you might think that it’ll be pretty expensive. But surprise, surprise! Unlike Delhi, considering the food and environment of the place, everything here is decently priced. If it would have been Delhi, phew!

There are two seating options here; either under the pavilions which are beautifully adorned with fairy lights or inside a huge, beautiful dining area. Wherever you choose to sit, the staff would make sure that you’re having a gala time.

We recommend this restaurant to all the love birds who want to go on a dinner date while in Jaipur.

We hope you liked this blog post on best places in Jaipur for couples. We curated this list in a way that you can spend quality time with your partner while enjoying the culture and heritage Jaipur has to offer.

You can also see the highlights of this trip on our Instagram page @hisside_herside .

Do send us your pictures if you visit these places. And if you want some help in planning your trip to Jaipur, don’t hesitate to comment below. 

Until next time, keep exploring!

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